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Retro Fashion Trends to Bring to your Lingerie Drawer!

By Cheryl Warner

Just like high street and interior brands, the lingerie industry is heavily influenced by high fashion trends. You’ll see echoes of the catwalk in the lingerie ranges of Simply Be just like the fashion pages. Retro influence? No problem. Neon highlights? Of course. If there’s an outerwear trend you can’t get enough of there’s no reason why it can’t find a home in your lingerie drawer too.

Keen to hear some of the trends available this season from Simply Be? You’ve come to the right place.


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Bust Friendly Clothing

By Georgina Horne

‘Flattering’ is an opinion, as is your choice to ‘flatter’ your figure. Some women like to dress in clothes that make them look slimmer, that hide their perceived flaws and show off the parts they are more comfortable with.  And some like to wear clothes that they like and disregard the idea of ‘flattering’ and ‘rules’.  And you know what – neither way is right or wrong.

Georgina - SB - 2

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Getting To Know…Simply Be Make-up Artist Lou Box.

Working full-time as a hair and make-up artist for almost 5 years, Lou Box works as a freelance make-up artist across a broad spectrum of commercial clients and fashion magazines. Most notably she’s worked for Italian Vogue and Vivienne Westwood. She said; “I absolutely love my job and I count myself incredibly lucky to be able to do what I love and make a living out of it. I’ve had a couple of ‘breaks’ over the years but I think the real turning point for me was signing with my agency Me&CoThey nurtured me from the very beginning and absolutely enabled me to become the artist I am today.”

Lou (pictured right) next to our fashion stylist Karen.

LouBox Make up artist May

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April Fools Moments

Love or hate it, Aprils Fools is one of those days you have to keep your wits about you – just in-case there are any unforeseen & unwanted pranks ahead. We’ll admit it, we’ve been caught out once or twice with the unfortunate fart cushion, or a family member/friend unexpectedly jumping out at you and scaring you half to death – it gets us every time! Not only are we looking out for those keen pranksters close by (co-workers & family alike), we have to be wary of those media hoaxes & ensure we don’t fall for the next ‘big thing’ & then feel totally embarrassed in front of our friends when we realise we fell for that ‘old trick’ again!


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British Plus Size Fashion Weekend 2014 Round Up

Last month saw the second British Plus Size Fashion event return to London and it was bigger and better than before! The team headed down to London to showcase our new range of fashion. We arrived at the gorgeous Vinopolis venue right in the heart of the capital by the bustling Borough Market and the River Thames. The event took place on Friday 14th February for the press day, where we got to meet the beautiful plus size models!

Lirise Crosse wearing our Anna Scholz lingerie basque! Working it, in style!



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When New Years Resolutions Run off the Rails!

Guest post by photographer and fashion blogger Diana Thompson

When New Years Resolutions Run Off The Rails.

Having spent the afternoon magnetically attracting every drop of ice-cold rain to my face, I keep asking myself why I signed up for a 5K run. I’ve never been a sporty girl by nature. Huge boobs and an aversion to sweat meant the only thing I ever ran was a bubble filled bath. Maybe I’d sprint for a bus if I was running late, but a 5k? Nope. Not me. So how have I found myself switching ballet flats for trainers and red lips for wind breakers?

It all started just before the new year when I was struck down with a horrible throat infection. It knocked me out for close to ten days, and I was bored, frustrated and clambering to be outside again. I can only conclude that it was some sort of fever based delirium which made me utter the words “I’ll run it with you!” as one of my friends who was undertaking a marathon mentioned the 5k she’d be tackling first. And with her ticket brought, guilt, friendship and pride all combined into one heady persuasion for clicking the “purchase entry ticket now button” and that was it. Suddenly I had four months to change myself from couch dwelling carb connoisseur to someone motivated to do an hours work out before I’d even switched on my laptop.

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10 Things We Love About Joe Browns!

Who loves Joe Browns? We have certainly fallen in love with their quirky style and individual designs that makes them so unique. Their bold and colourful prints are enough to brighten up these cold, dull days!

We have picked out our ten favourite pieces from the current collection, so have a browse and see what items you’ll be taking home. And if you are yet to discover the amazing Joe Browns range yet, why not experiment and introduce some of these key pieces into your new season wardrobe?

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