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When New Years Resolutions Run off the Rails!

Guest post by photographer and fashion blogger Diana Thompson

When New Years Resolutions Run Off The Rails.

Having spent the afternoon magnetically attracting every drop of ice-cold rain to my face, I keep asking myself why I signed up for a 5K run. I’ve never been a sporty girl by nature. Huge boobs and an aversion to sweat meant the only thing I ever ran was a bubble filled bath. Maybe I’d sprint for a bus if I was running late, but a 5k? Nope. Not me. So how have I found myself switching ballet flats for trainers and red lips for wind breakers?

It all started just before the new year when I was struck down with a horrible throat infection. It knocked me out for close to ten days, and I was bored, frustrated and clambering to be outside again. I can only conclude that it was some sort of fever based delirium which made me utter the words “I’ll run it with you!” as one of my friends who was undertaking a marathon mentioned the 5k she’d be tackling first. And with her ticket brought, guilt, friendship and pride all combined into one heady persuasion for clicking the “purchase entry ticket now button” and that was it. Suddenly I had four months to change myself from couch dwelling carb connoisseur to someone motivated to do an hours work out before I’d even switched on my laptop.

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Last-Minute Christmas Gift Guide

Struggling to find the perfect present for the picky people in your life? Well fear not; your pals at Simply Be have done the hard work for you and found some fantastic gifts that won’t end up on Ebay by Boxing Day. From the designer diva to the man in your life, check out or top present picks this Christmas and get your festive shop on quick sharp!

Hey there, pretty lady…

If she’s a girly girl with a penchant for preening, fill up her stocking with beauty booty and must-have hair products.

Xmas Gift Guide: Beauty Queen

Plus Size Sportswear at Simply Be


This isn’t going to be one of those ‘get a bikini body for summer’ kind of posts – as we believe every body is a bikini body! But there’s nothing wrong with wanting to tone up or just get a little fitter, be it for your summer holidays or any other time of year. So if you’re off for a jog or hitting the gym, you need to get the right gear!

Now there are two approaches to building a gym kit. The first is to put together a budget-friendly workout wardrobe without any of the brand logos, which does the job without having to splash too much cash. The second approach is to go for the very best in sportswear brands – labels to be seen in and to boost your confidence levels whilst you’re pounding that treadmill.

So which will it be? Simply Be can offer price ranges and brands to suit every budget, and all in a plus suze range.

The Value Gym Kit

Let’s start with a sports top. You’ll probably need a few so you can pop them in the wash after each workout and have another one waiting.

This polo shirt is perfect – and only £12:

Plus size polo shirt

Or try a great value pack of three camisoles – £19. Layer them up or alternate!

value vest pack plus size


These super-comfy yoga jog pants are £15:

plus size jog pants


Trainers needn’t break the bank either. These are just £18!

Cheap women's trainers

One thing that really is worth paying more for is your sports bra. A good one is worth every penny, keeping you secure, supported and protecting the tissue around your breasts from damage. This one is £28 pounds by those big bra experts at Freya.

Freya sports bra


The Big Brands Gym Kit

If you love your Adidas stripes this tee (£22) and capri pants (£32) combo will earn you lots of cool points. We love the pink and black colour combination!

Adidas T-shirt plus size Adidas capri pants womens

These Nike trainers will complete the look:

Nike womens trainers

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