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Festival Essentials: Don’t Forget Your Fancy Dress!

By Naomi Griffiths

Truth be told, I’ve never actually been to a festival. Yep, true story! I’ve been to a couple of outdoor music events for the day but I’ve never actually gotten right into the thick of it, donned my wellies and headed for a weekend in the fields for music, fun, frolics and the bit that excites me most, the fashion.

When festival season comes around every year I’m so excited to see all of the outfit inspiration. How some of those people end up looking so glam after battling through mud, crazy crowds and camping for nights on end on some battered old airbed in a teeny tent is beyond me; however I shall forever admire them for their commitment to looking amazing no matter what! But behind the glam I am assured (by a few of my festival-loving friends whom have come to me with some fantastic tips) that there are a number of essentials that every festival girl’s rucksack should contain. Here are the top 3 I know I would DEFINITELY not be without…

Isle of Wight festival mud

Wet Wipes

The only bit of cleanliness any festival goer will get. Whether they be for wiping away a day of mud, sweat and tunes, going to the portaloo or scrubbing off the last remnants of rave paint, the wet wipe is your festival bessie.

Dry Shampoo

It speaks for itself really; days on end of grime is gonna take it’s toll on your tresses. Unless you’re rocking up to the VIP field there’s no chance of grabbing a shower and primping your barnet so a pocket size can of dry shampoo will make you feel a million dollars after a mental few days (even if you may not necessarily look it, a girls gotta try, eh?).



No one wants to spend an epic weekend hovered over the nearest long drop whilst your fave band are rockin’ out because you’ve got a dodgy belly after chowing down on the dirty burger vans finest cuisine.


So, when I plan on making it to my first one I will be sure to have all of the above firmly tucked away in my stash. Which festival would I be headed to if and when I get the chance to get myself to one of these things? For me it would have to be Bestival.

Set off shore on far flung Costa Del Isle of Wight, not only does Bestival seem to have some amazing acts descend on it every year it is the place to be for a bit of fancy dress! Bestival has a theme every year for everyone to get involved in and get trussed up to the nines and, well if any of you have read my blog, you will know of my absolute undying love for fancy dress! Leave your shame at the gates guys, get your face paints out, your sparkle on and don your most out there of outfits (or your just your best morph suit!).

If fancy dress isn’t your thing don’t worry because festivals are all about the wear what you want to wear attitude! The the sun may well be setting on Bestival but I can always imagine what being at my first festival might be like and some of the things I’d like to wear…

For those of you who have done festivals this year tell us your tips! Or if you’re currently making the arduous journey back home from Bestival and now in the recovery position, I hope you all had an amazing time and maybe I’ll see you there next year!



Swimwear For All: Iconic Swimwear Images

By Naomi Griffiths

When I think about summer holidays, I instantly think of the sea and hanging around in the water, keeping cool and splashing about. I actually think I’m part water baby, descendant of some rare mythical water creature way back through years and years of family heritage. When it comes down to it, if I have a choice, I will ALWAYS be in the pool or floating away on the sea on a lilo, off into the beautiful Ibiza horizon (and then having to be dragged back in by lifeguards…yep, that actually happened!).

So, what do I need for frolicking poolside? Swimwear! It’s the first thing on most people’s minds for the holiday season and I can recall some pretty iconic moments when it comes to swimwear. I mean the first thing I think of when I think bikinis is the moment Ursula Andress appeared from the sea as the first ever Bond girl in Dr.No

Ursula Andress in a bikini after Rita Ora does her best 'Bond girl' impression

Corbis / Splash News

From one kickass girl on the beach to another, the nineties were awash with none other than Pamela Anderson and that run in that red swimsuit with that sky high thigh cut!

Pamela Anderson Baywatch

From the itsy bitsy teeny weeny Bond girl bikini and Pammy in her ’90s high-legged number, to super glitzy, girly, film star swimwear glam encompassed in one single image…

Marilyn Monroe

The gorgeous Marilyn Monroe, proving that beach-side glamour can be timeless, classic and effortlessly chic whether you’re wearing next to nothing and showing it all off, or wearing something a little bit more demure that completely rocks every one of your beautiful curves. I can’t count the amount of times that someone has taken a swimwear shot of me and in my head I look exactly like this image, when in reality I probably look the polar opposite. A girl can hope though? Right?

And then last but not least, there’s the revolution of the ‘fatkini’, a concept that drove the media CRAZY! Women? In bikinis? Of all shapes and sizes, enjoying their bodies? Who’d have thought it! When the blogger brigade embraced their perfectly proportioned lady bumps and donned their two-pieces it was one of the most empowering, body confident, summer moments that I can remember.

Gabi Fresh

When Gabi Gregg flaunted her curves in that spectacular Simply Be striped two-piece, boundaries were broken. Something as simple as a confident, beautiful woman just wearing a bikini in public shouldn’t really be such a breakthrough moment; it should just be something that happens and nobody should really care. However it’s never been as easy as that, whether you’re petite or plus sized or whatever.

There’s such a huge societal expectation on women’s bodies and how they ‘should’ look that the majority of us would rather continue to swamp ourselves in layers upon layers of fabric to cover up and hide away rather than just get on with enjoying our beautiful selves! I know that just ‘putting a bikini on your body and getting out there’ is much easier said than done and these things take time, however make sure you choose swimwear that makes you feel AMAZING then take steps to push yourself out of your comfort zone a little. Would you usually buy black? Then why not be daring and buy a bright colour? Would you usually always wear a one-piece? Then switch it up and get yourself a tankini! We all have the right to feel amazing and on the beach or on our holidays is no exception! Luckily, Simply Be have some amazing swimwear picks for whether you’re already a Little Miss Confident or on your very own road to self-acceptance!

Begin your journey to creating your very own iconic swimwear image!



Guest Post: Gemma Bellfield AT LFW!

DSC_71421 (1)1

Hey guys, my names Gemma and I run a blog over at! Last week was my first ever experience of LFW and I initially was nervous as it can be all professional and crazy. The idea of running in between shows and looking glamorous 24/7 was slightly daunting. However, my experience was the complete opposite! It was full of colourful clothing, amazing vibes, everybody expressing themselves through their clothes and it was actually a rather comfortable atmosphere.

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