April Fools Moments

Love or hate it, Aprils Fools is one of those days you have to keep your wits about you – just in-case there are any unforeseen & unwanted pranks ahead. We’ll admit it, we’ve been caught out once or twice with the unfortunate fart cushion, or a family member/friend unexpectedly jumping out at you and scaring you half to death – it gets us every time! Not only are we looking out for those keen pranksters close by (co-workers & family alike), we have to be wary of those media hoaxes & ensure we don’t fall for the next ‘big thing’ & then feel totally embarrassed in front of our friends when we realise we fell for that ‘old trick’ again!


We look back at some April Fool hoaxes that made us laugh – serioulsy you won’t believe what people fall for these days (us included) haha! ;) Keep your eyes peeled and watch out for those red herrings!

1. Yes, you can grow your very own spaghetti (1957)
The BBC hosted a report, on news programme Panorama which told the story of a spaghetti harvest in Switzerland. Video footage showed women in the field, plucking spagehtti strands from trees. It was so believable, people called the network to ask how they could grow their own!


2. The multi-functional bra (2006)
Fancy keeping your ipod in your bra? MP3 accessories retailer PopExpress managed to fool a few customers with their fake iPop bra. The bra was designed to keep their ipod close to their heart with control buttons built into the fabric – talk about unsmooth cups!

ipop bra

3. Left handed Mars bar, yes really! (1996)
I know what you’re thinking, who could fall for the left-handed Mars bar? Surely we’re not that gullible. Well if you saw this first hand you may have fell for the tricks of the ad, as some people did. Amazing…

mars bar

4. The Polo but not as you know it! (1995)
Everyone’s favourite mint was given a makeover, when Polo mints announced it would no longer feature the trademark hole in the middle, due to council regulations! You can only imagine the uproar if this actually happened.


5. Err it’s what I always wanted in a bath! (2013)
Only last year, they were trying to pull the wool over our eyes with this one, when Bathstore announced the world’s first vertical bath. But we’re not so sure about this one, especially as one of the restrictions was no bubble bath – where’s the fun in that!

Picture 003

Do you remember these hoaxes? Have you ever pulled a prank on someone, or has a prank ever fooled you? Let us know your April Fools stories in the comments below? xx