Four Hot Holiday Looks

Summer is almost here and with the much anticipated arrival of the elusive British sunshine comes the overwhelming urge to…book a holiday quick sharp! Poor ol’ Blighty, as soon as it manages to squeeze a little sunshine out of our dull skies, we all pack our bags and head to the Costas.

But who can blame us? With a summer that typically consists of just two scorching days (why are they always in the middle of the week when we’re in work? WHY?), who can blame us for wanting to get away? Whether you’re heading to an exotic beach destination, planning a chic city break, backpacking around the world or escaping to the English countryside, we’ve put together four key looks to get you through your summer holiday in style.


Take me to my beach

If you’re currently at work daydreaming of your upcoming holiday to some sun-soaked shore, we’re totally jealous of you right now. And even more jealous if you arrive to said sun-soaked shore looking like an A-list celeb. Make like the paps are watching with this oh-so chic get-up. In a sophisticated mono colourway and cut in a retro shape, there’s a touch of old school Hollywood glamour about this gorgeous look (and that can only be a good thing).

Four hot holiday looks: Beach chic

City break chic

Things we love about April: the start of spring, yummy Easter eggs and a four day weekend! What better excuse to pack your weekend bag and head to your favourite sunny city for a few days? Sightsee in style with this fashion-forward outfit that will keep you comfy all day without scrimping on the season’s hottest trends.

Four hot holiday looks: City slicker

World wanderer

Visa? Check. Dry shampoo? Check. Global traveller chic? Check! Being a budding nomad needn’t mean giving up your style habit; with a few clever choices, you can stuff your rucksack with a traveller’s wardrobe that will leave your fellow hostel-goers green with envy (or that might be food poisoning). Denim shorts are a must have, as are a handful of easycare jersey vests…

Four hot holiday looks: Backpack babe

Countryside style

If your head is swimming with visions of frolicking through fields and running up hills à la Maria Von Trapp, treat yourself to a weekend in the countryside and live out those provincial fantasies. Whether you’re escaping to the country with your very own Mr Darcy or looking forward to some rural fun with your gal pals, you’ll need a pretty floral frock and sweet accessories to fit in with your country bumpkin backdrop.

Four hot holiday looks: Country girl

Where are you headed on holiday this summer?