Summer Beauty Hacks

With a whole weekend of lovely weather under our belt, we’re gonna put ourselves out there and say that summer is well and truly on its way (hoorah!). But with the arrival of sunshine comes a whole new set of makeup dilemmas to contend with…mascara-melting temperatures, moisture-sapping aircons, skin-scorching sunrays…they can all result in major makeup misery. Get through the sunny season looking fresh-faced and minus the makeup meltdown with our top four summer beauty hacks… Summertime

Rise and shine?

For many of us, summertime = oily skin. In warmer temps our oil glands go into overdrive, producing more oil than usual and creating that greasy effect on our skin. Help disguise the shine by using oil-absorbing loose powder over your makeup to soak up any excess oil as it happens and have some blotting paper to hand for touch ups throughout the day. But be strategic with your shine control; focus on the centre of the face and let your cheeks glow naturally.

MeMeMe Gold Shimmer Stack & BrushLighten up

The last thing you want in the blazing heat is a face full of foundation. Not only will that layer of makeup feel suffocating under the sun, but it can clog your pores (which open up in the heat) and cause spots. Strip back your beauty regime in the summer by switching your heavy foundation and cream lipstick for a tinted moisturiser and lip gloss. Or, better still, ditch the makeup all together and be a bare-faced beauty!

Say no to panda eyes!

The dreaded panda-eye struck again? Avoid melted mascara forming around your eyes quickly and effectively with one simple switch: WATERPROOF MASCARA. This sweat-proof concoction will keep your eyes fresh and panda-free all day. And, if you find waterproof mascaras a little irritating on the eyes, simply sweep a layer of clear mascara over your ordinary product to seal in the colour. Et voilà!

Rimmel BB Cream Skin Perfecting Super Make UpGlow for it

Getting a healthy summer glow doesn’t have to mean sizzling under the sunbed. Shimmer all day long with a dusting of gorgeous bronzer. Brush a light coating of golden blush across the parts of your face that the sun would naturally kiss, i.e. the apples of your cheeks, the bridge of your nose and your temples. But don’t stop there; lightly dust your bronzer along your legs, collarbone and shoulders for a stunning, sexy finish.


What summer beauty tips do you swear by?