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Get the Look: Pin Up Style

Gil Elvgren Pin Up paintingThanks to Simply Be and Vintage or Tacky, channelling your inner Betty Grable is a breeze. With waist-cinching details and bust-boosting cuts worn with sultry make up and a retro ‘do, this glam look is the go-to trend for ladies who like a little retro in their wardrobe rotation!

Showcasing the female form in all its glory, pin up-inspired style has held a place in our hearts (and wardrobes) for decades. Typically featuring curvaceous beauties in comprimising positions, these iconic images were both suggestive and naive; a clever and perpetually sexy combination which has appealed since the 19th century. While men drooled over them, us girls lusted after their sense of style. In their figure-hugging tops, soft skirts and revealing a flash of flesh, these outrageously glam ladies oozed sex appeal with just a dose of cheeky charm. Continue reading

Style Crush: Rear Window

Grace KellyIn the role that catapulted her to style super stardom, Grace Kelly plays Rear Window’s leading lady, Lisa Fremont, in some of the most stunning (but wearable) outfits seen in cinema. Even today, there is much discussion around how fashion is represented throughout the film, with each of Kelly’s looks helping to tell Hitchcock’s suspenseful story. Continue reading