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Wardrobe Hero: The Winter Knit

Give praise to the winter knit. Comfy, cosy and oh-so lovely, these sweet sweaters are perfect for everything from sofa snuggle sessions to styling up for Sunday best. Whether you like your knitted number chic and sheared or fluffy and festive, there’s nothing like a woolly jumper in the winter!

One jumper. Three ways to wear.

We’ve taken one of our favourite winter knits from the Simply Be AW13 collection and styled it in three very different ways. From keeping warm on winter walks to partying in your pullover, take a look at our top ways to wear the fluffy wonder this season.

Chic and cosy
Pair your jumper with jeans and a pair of trusty winter boots for a laidback look in a flash.
Wardrobe Hero - Off-Duty Cool

Our Top 6 Winter Warmers

With this morning’s sprinkling of snow our thoughts have turned away from party dresses and towards all things to keep you warm, cosy – and dry! And stylish of course, but surely that goes without saying.


1) The Festive Jumper

soft and cosy jumper in festive red is super snuggly. The dipped hem shape is perfect with leggings and Ugg-type boots.

2) The Cardigan Coat

If it’s cold but dry out, or you just want to wrap up in an extra layer indoors, this Joe Browns cardigan coat (or coatigan) will keep you toasty.

3) Thermal Socks

Nobody likes cold feet! If you’re out on a wintry walk, line those wellies with some heat-retaining thermal socks and crunching over icy puddles will be a walk in the park.

4) The Faux Fur Scarf

Faux fur has been a big trend this season and what simpler way to work the trend than with a vintage style fur stole. Warning: people may try to stroke you.

5) The Knitted Beret

Team your fur scarf with a cute soft beret – after all, you lose the most heat through your head! If you think you don’t suit hats you’ll find this style surprisingly flattering.

6) The Fleece Gown

Whether curled up on the sofa watching a Christmas movie or gathered around the tree with your family on Christmas morning, you’ll need to keep out the chill. Slip into this super soft long sleeved fleece gown and get that fire going!

If all else fails, we find that a nice mug of hot chocolate or mulled wine warms the cockles nicely!


Plus Size Knit Trend – Fair Isle!

Fair Isle is proving to be one of the popular trends of the season. This distinctive knit-pattern has an old-world charm to it, so you can pull off country-girl chic and English rose in one. And since the weather has taken a turn for the worse, now is the perfect time to start wearing this fabulous plus size trend.

So, how can you get you fix of fair isle fashion, fast? Well, we’ve got some gorgeous options for you, totally affordable, remember you can always spread the cost with a personal account, and delivered to your door, so you won’t have to go out in the cold.

First up, is this gorgoeus fair isle cardigan. Now we all know they get do casual in the most fashionable was and this cardy is the perfect example. The pattern is perfect for the new season, and the length adds a bit of interest to the look. Wear it with jeans, dresses, skirts and anything else you have in your wardrobe.

And if you want to go warmer still, try this plus size jumper from fashion-gurus Jeffery & Paula. It’s long, snuggly and right on trend. Two colour options, each in a range of plus sizes – and just £40 each. Oh and we just the front pocket, practical and fashion happy!

Finally, we’ve just got to mention those fair isle boots again! This time though, we’re plumping for brightly coloured patterns, beige suede bottoms and a truly unique look that’s so this season. If you buy just one fair isle item this Winter, make sure it’s these boots!


The knit Wrap!

It’s oh-so easy to stick with what you know, to buy a jumper or a cardigan and keep to the well-travelled roads of fashion – but we like to push you that little bit further, to show you how you could dress, if you just tried something new. Which is why we have this gorgeous plus size wrapin our collection!

It’s a great way to wrap up in Winter – and the style is absolutely awesome! Throw it on with jeans for casual chic or wear it over your party dress for evening glamour with a difference. And on a weekend, when you’re just staying i, it makes a very cosy blanket when you’re snuggled up on the sofa.

Now we don’t know what it’s like where you work, but here it can get a bit chilly. Those high ceilings just steal away all the warmth. So at Simply Be HQ, it’s an unwritten rule that all the girls, bring an extra layer, just in case the temperatures drop. And I can tell, this wrap is the most popular choice. It sits on the backs of chairs, it’s hung on the coat rail and folded neatly into drawers – then when it does get a tad chilly, we’re almost all wearing them. Some in grey, others in black – but all in the same wrap! The boys think we’re mad but we know better!


The knit boot!

Quite possibly one of our favourite trends ever, seriously, whoever thought of doing knitted boots is a genius. Just look at them, all those gorgeous Nordic patterns, in black and white – or there’s a colourful one too! We adore them – the knits and that lovely, fluffy lining – it just screams Winter footwear!

Style-wise, we’re thinking jeanslayered gypsy skirts… and anything else in your wardrobe that looks Wintery! Oooh, leggings too, with a plus size knit tunic – that’s going to be a hit! Or why not style them for contrast? Perhaps a lace dress, tights and a cardy – what a great way to mix up the season’s hottest trends!

A word of warning though, you do have to be a tad careful in the rain. These aren’t festival boots, you don’t want to wade through puddles of mud. Having said that, the panel of suede along the bottom will protect them from the worst of it – so showers are fine, but downpours might mean a footwear rethink.

And think of last year – we didn’t have much rain, but boy did we have a lot of snow – and that’s where these boots really come into their own! Seriously, we cannot emphasise enough how warm they are – and just imagine that lovely Nordic knit against a snowy backdrop, it’s a style match made in heaven!


The Knit Dress

All-over knits are an instant winner in our book, especially now that leggings are back! It makes warm dressing so much easier when you can add an extra layer to the legs. And this way, you get to do cute, femininity all year round!

It’s hard to pick a favourite but we have – so allow us to introduce Jeffery & Paula’s fabulous knit dress! It comes complete with a scarf, for easy co-ordination and the big, chunky, cable-knit makes it the perfect Winter Warmer!

And with three colour options, plus loads of ways to accessorise – leggings, jeans, tights, boots, scarves – there’s no end to the number of gorgeous looks you could created! So all in all, we thnk this plus size dress is essential for Winter – what do you think?



Plus size knits are a must for Winter!

Okay, it’s official – the cold weather has set in! Temperatures have plummeted across the UK and we’re all seeking refuge in knits. So, let us guide you through the season’s hottest plus size knit trends and help you stay fashionably toasty all season through!

One blog just doesn’t feel like enough, so we’re going to do a whole series. Look out for regular updates, sneaky knitwear tips and hot-off-the-press trend news, all coming soon to the Simply Be Blog – very soon in fact, we’ll be posting our first blog in about ten minutes!

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Talk to you very soon,


The Simply Be Team



Winter knits and the new season’s fashion!

Forget sequins, forget big-shouldered volume – this week we’re talking comfy, wearable, warm-to-the-core clothes! Oh yes, this week, we’re mad about knits!

The mornings are getting darker and there’s a definite October chill is in the air. So it’s no big surprise that cardigans are having a massive revival and scarves are starting to tip-toe back onto the fashion scene. Knits are a style staple when it comes to the Winter months and we wouldn’t be without them, not ever!

But staying toasty doesn’t mean neglecting your fashion duty, because the Winter trends always have something in-store for your treasured knits…

Super chunky!

The bigger the knit, the better – that’s the rule for Autumn/Winter 2009. Chunky hats, scarves and gloves are accessory musts, while cardigans, jumpers and ponchos will reign supreme in your wardrobe. Look out for loosely draped sleeves, they’re a must this season, and make sure you’ve got plenty of waist-cinching belts to maintain that feminine shape!

Layer up!

Pile on knit after knit – jumpers, cardigans, scarves and gloves, wear them all together. It might sound like good-old Winter logic, but it’s actually a hot trend this season. The catwalks have been packed with mix-and-match knitted looks, from short-sleeved shrugs coupled with ground-skimming scarves to patterned-and-matched dress-cardi combos!

Stay grounded!

Knits work a treat on your feet! From socks to knitted boots, try wearing your knits below the waist for a great alternative look. And if you’re feeling really brave, invest in a pair 80’s leg-warmers and do two trends in one!