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Style Crush: Basic Instinct

Basic InstinctStarring alongside Michael Douglas in the 1992 erotic thriller, Sharon Stone plays Basic Instinct’s devil in a white dress (and no knickers) flawlessly. With an icy blonde bob, figure-hugging dress, killer heels and a cut-throat stare, she has to be the most fashionable femme fatale ever to grace our screens.

Throughout the movie, Catherine Tramell (Stone’s character) is dressed in the pale, neutral hues of white and beige. This is a smart move by costume designer, Ellen Mirojnick, who avoids the cliché of dark vampy dresses for the brash and highly charged Catherine and, instead, further fuels the whodunit mystery by dressing our suspect in light, innocent tones. Some might argue that these blanched shades do nothing to fight for Tramell’s innocence; on her, they appear cold, contemporary and sexed up…much like Stone’s portrayal of the saucy siren. Continue reading

Hunger Games Style: 12 Districts. 12 Hot Looks

Hunger Games

Catching Fire, the second instalment of the fantastic Hunger Games trilogy, hits our screens tomorrow and boy, are we excited! Based on the spellbinding books by Suzanne Collins, we’ve been enthralled by Panem and its troubled inhabitants since that very first chapter. Remaining true to the dark, tormented atmosphere of the books, the 2012 cinematic adaptation perfectly portrayed Collins’ terrifying but spectacular vision of the future, and Catching Fire looks set to be a stunner. Continue reading

Style Crush: Rear Window

Grace KellyIn the role that catapulted her to style super stardom, Grace Kelly plays Rear Window’s leading lady, Lisa Fremont, in some of the most stunning (but wearable) outfits seen in cinema. Even today, there is much discussion around how fashion is represented throughout the film, with each of Kelly’s looks helping to tell Hitchcock’s suspenseful story. Continue reading

Style Crush: Annie Hall

Annie HallThis week, we’re shining the Style Crush spotlight on androgynous Annie Hall. From the 1977 movie of the same name, Woody Allen’s much loved romcom spurned an almighty trend which saw women everywhere reaching for their fella’s wardrobes.

Borrowing heavily from menswear pieces, Annie’s iconic look was all about slouchy trousers, masculine-cut shirts and men’s accessories – looks which remain fail-safe fashion favourites almost four decades later. Continue reading

Style Crush: Rosemary’s Baby

It wasn’t just the metaphor for motherhood and medicine that struck a chord with audiences upon the release of 1968 supernatural thriller, Rosemary’s Baby. When viewers weren’t hiding behind their cushions, they were admiring Mia Farrow’s fashionable take on the paranoid mother-to-be.

Mia Farrow1It was a role that was to kick-start the careers of not just young Mia, but also director Roman Polanski and talented costumier, Anthea Sylbert, whose vision for waif-like Rosemary would make a major mark on fashion. Continue reading

Style Crush: Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Welcome to our new feature, where we’ll be looking back at our favourite style crushes in TV and film. To start us off we’ve got the ultimate Hollywood style icon, Audrey Hepburn in one of our favourite old time movies, Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Here, Audrey Hepburn portrays the beautiful socialite Holly Golightly and struts some wonderful fashion along the way. Here are our favourite style moments from the film…

Of course, it wouldn’t be Audrey without the statement black dress. This iconic look is timeless and looks oh-so chic. Dress yours with tights and chunky jewellery to update the look. This bandage dress with a jewel necklace is so versatile – dress it up or down for any party occasion.

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Continue reading