7 Reasons Being Single On Valentine’s Day Totally Rocks

Single this V-day? Then lucky you, says dating blogger Naomi.

It’s no secret that if you’re single on Valentine’s Day, it can be pretty disheartening. You instantly find yourself surrounded by couples who are so in love it’s sickening, and you can’t help but feel you’d rather be in that kinda boat than the single dinghy you’re in. If you feel this way – stop. Right now. There are sooo many reasons for you to love your solo status on February 14th and trust me, on reflection, you’ll probably be a whole lot happier when you realise that being a one-woman show aint half bad after all.

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You can get together with your single friends

That’s right. There’s no sitting in a romantic setting, having your nose rubbed in true love. No, this year, the 14th of February should instead be all fun and games with the females that make you smile when you’re sad, and pee when you laugh. It’s Valentine’s – the town’s already painted red – so get your girls together, put the Prosecco on ice and celebrate your own occasion – here’s to being strong, independent women who don’t need no men!



Is there anything worse than going onto your Sky TV Planner to discover that your series link of ‘Millionaire Matchmaker’ has disappeared and been replaced with ‘Match of the Day highlights’? The answer is no. However, this is no longer your concern. When it comes to on-screen entertainment for the single woman, gone are the days of grappling for the remote – welcome to the age of film watching frivolity. Get some snacks, have a rom-com marathon and if you get popcorn in your hair, who cares? No one’s watching. Eat it anyway.


Think. Of. All. The. Chocolate.

You’re not having to constantly worry about watching your weight because you’re coming home to, well, no one just now, apart from maybe your cat. Take advantage of not having to be a secret eater! Valentine’s is, therefore, the perfect opportunity to exploit this Hallmark season of all the treats that are for sale, and of course, the ones that go on discount the day after. Trust me, if there’s ever going to be a chance for you to experience true happiness, it’s gonna be when you’re knee deep in Lindt balls.


You don’t have to pretend to like “gifts”

Let’s be economical with the truth here. There’s just nothing worse than opening a gift on Valentine’s Day to find out that what you’re receiving is a book of sex coupons, or a framed philosophical poem about love that one can only assume was found whilst rummaging through the sale basket at Clinton’s Cards. No, as a single woman, you do not have to endure this ridiculous charade. Instead, you can treat yourself to something a little less sentimental and a little more fabulous – like pyjamas.

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You can spend your money on YOURSELF

If you’re single this Valentine’s Day, then congratulations, you don’t have to celebrate a pretty meaningless occasion by skinting yourself on cliché gift item for your significant other. I mean, the logical thing to do would, of course, be to put that money aside for a rainy day, but the option I find to be more satisfactory is spending that money on yourself. Let’s face it, retail therapy is the best way to turn anyone’s frown upside down.


Grooming is not in the slightest bit necessary

Normally, the first port of call when you’re off on a date is to bald yourself from head-to-toe, but wait, you’re single! Hurrah. No squeezing the last bit of conditioner out of the bottle to use as a substitute for the shaving foam you’ve run out of. No cutting yourself to smithereens with a Bic to try and convince the man in question that you’re always silky smooth. No, not this Valentine’s. Instead, just embrace that prickly feeling (in all areas) and put the razor to one side – the leg hair can wait another day (or week) or two.


In fact, you don’t even have to get dressed

Don’t get me wrong, it can be a pretty great feeling to get dolled up to the nines and squeezing yourself into that vintage LBD you’d been saving for such an occasion, but I think we can all agree that there isn’t a more liberating (and pretty satisfying) feeling than lounging about in your PJs and not having to wear a bra. This Valentine’s Day, wave goodbye to cheesewire knickers and figure-hugging bodycons and say hello to your extra-fluffy dressing gown. Be honest with yourself – where’s it gonna be easier to stash to extra packet of Maltesers you snaffled from the cupboard?


So there you have it. The single status on Valentine’s Day isn’t that bad after all. Sure, there’s no doubt you’ll be rolling your eyes at all the lovey-dovey decorations and can’t-take-their-hands-off-each-other couples but a) that’s allowed, and b) just enjoy having ‘you’ time. Oh, and if someone gives you the ‘aw you’re single on Valentine’s Day’ look, just remember you’re in for a lotsa-shopping, series-watching, no-shaving, chocolate-eating kinda day and I, for one, can definitely think of worse ways to spend your time. Don’t sweat the small stuff, just look right back at them and be like…

…because being single is pretty sensational


By day, Naomi is the Director of Lucky52 – a new and innovative social media & blogging agency based in Glasgow, but by night, she takes the form of “The Naomi Narrative” – a dating, sex & relationships blogger discussing real life rendezvous to reveal the truth behind trysts.

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