All of the Things We’re Going to Wear in 2016 (Permission Granted or Not)

So earlier this month BuzzFeed put together a list of all the items of clothing that women have been told not to wear in 2015 . The list is long. So loooooooooooooooong! It’s actually very likely that every item in your wardrobe is listed on there. Is this society telling us we should walk around naked? Or should we just dress in a sack? No. We’d probably get told off for that too.

Our conclusion is that you can’t please them all, so wear what you want and answer to no one! To whoever told women they can’t wear these items in 2015, here’s exactly why we will be wearing them in 2016, with or without your permission.


Contrary to popular belief, we women don’t wear skirts to distract male peers from their work with our sexy, sexy kneecaps. We wear them because they’re comfy, they’re versatile, and we like the way we look in them. In 2016 we’ll be wearing skirts in hot weather when we fancy letting our legs breathe, we’ll be wearing them to the office when they make our suits look more feminine than trousers, and we’ll be wearing them to party in when we want to dress up nice.


It’s sort of mad that we’ve been told not to wear dresses, when women struggled for so long to be allowed to wear anything but! Whether it’s a glamourous gown for a prom or a summery smock on a hot day, ladies will be wearing dresses ‘til the end of time. Mainly because sometimes we just love being able to put on one item and have our whole outfit sorted (we’re a lazy species at heart).


Ok, we kind of understand why we might not be allowed to wear these sometimes. They are pretty revealing after all. How dare we show so much ankle eh? Whoever it was who was trying to ban them, we can only presume they’ve never enjoyed the life-changing comfort and flexibility of leggings themselves.

Flat shoes

What’s wrong with wearing flats to a posh do or a night out? Nothing, that’s what. If we want to give the balls of our feet a rest and party on down in our ballet pumps (or even our sneakers if we’re feeling adventurous), then we will do. How can we be expected to bust out our best moves in a 4 inch heel anyway!?


According to the BuzzFeed article, there are still some people in the world who think that ‘girls wear dresses and boys wear tuxes, and that’s the way it is’. Awkward, we thought that people were allowed to wear what they wanted? The androgynous style is set to be huge in 2016, so prepare for girls rocking suits even better than men next year.

So stick it to the man by checking out our skirts, dresses, flat shoes  and leggings. Here’s to a 2016 of wearing whatever the hell we want, and hopefully by the end of next year we won’t have to deal with such lists eh!

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