Vintage Style Dresses Fit For Gorgeous Wedding Guests

With wedding season fast approaching, it’s time to contemplate that all important question – which dress will you say yes to? And we’re not talking about the bride here! According to a survey released last year, wedding guests takes their outfit decisions very seriously, with the average spending over £200 to pull together the perfect photo ready look.


Weddings are the best excuse to release your inner vintage vixen, and Simply Be have a stunning range of classical styles with an updated, modern twist. If you want to look like you’ve just stepped out from the jazz age, look for dropped waists with lots of sparkle. The 1920s were all about art deco and details to catch under stage lights, and this flapper chic style from Joanna Hope perfectly evokes the shape of the decade. The 1930s stepped away from showy decadence and moved towards the idea of a more simple glamour, with silver screen icons such as Greta Garbo influencing fashion trends through the silver screen. Embellishments were key to draw attention to the waist, making this beautiful Lace and Mesh design the perfect modern update. Sophisticated and elegant, the elasticated waist is designed to cinch you in at the smallest part of your body – perfect for a wedding or for your Hollywood début.


The 40s and 50s bring a huge shift in sartorial trends. With fabric in short supply, post war glamour stepped things up with the stunning wiggle dress. The wiggle, or it’s modern sister the body-con are perfect for showing off a curvy silhouette. This floral print off-the-shoulder version is great for letting loose your inner Bettie Page, mixing elegance and glamour with ease. The 1950s said goodbye to the dearth of fabric, with full circle skirts and petticoats spinning away on dance floors. The pink ladies from Grease will always be iconic and this hot pink prom dress is ideal for a 21st century Sandra Dee.

You can’t have the perfect dress without the perfect accessories, with good underwear being the building blocks of any outfit. Thankfully Simply Be have put together a wedding guest edit here, where you can match your dream dress and shoes to the best briefs and bag. With so many fabulous options, you’ll need to be careful to not upstage the bride!

You’ve nailed your killer wedding guest look, but have you got all your handbag essentials? Check out Sarah’s post on 8 wedding guest handbag essentials to make sure you have everything you need for  fab day! 

By Diana Thompson

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