What Bra Styles From The Past Are Back In Fashion?

Ghost of Bras Past

All hail the brassiere! The wonderful invention that keeps our puppies pushed up, perky and protected. It’s sad to think, but there was a time when the bra was nowhere near the magnificent specimen that it is today. A time when there was no such thing as push up or a silicone cup, and low back converters were completely unheard of. Oh those poor, poor ladies of the past.

Luckily for us, over the years the modest little bra has evolved with the ever changing needs of ladies’ bodies. Some styles have faded out, some have gone and then re-appeared, and some have stuck around since the beginning (we’re talking to you, loyal old T-shirt bra).

It’s time to discover The Ghost of Bras Past, Simply Be style!

The Corset Bra

Is this one of the best things that has ever happened to ladies’ boobs? Of corset is!

Although the corset had been a key player in ladies fashion since the 16th century, it boomed in popularity during the Victorian era. With the ability to seamlessly cinch a woman’s waist and give her that ever so desirable hourglass figure, we can totally see why. They offer great support due to their longline fit, making your boobs look fabulous whatever their size or shape. Plus, if you’re a little self-conscious of your midriff (who isn’t over Christmas?) then they also provide a bit of sucking in power and coverage!

Corset style bras have made a massive comeback in recent years, with the added bonus that they no longer completely restrict the respiratory system like the old ones did. Wahoo!

If you fancy venturing out and trying a corset style bra, then the Magisculpt Bra Top is our top choice. Oozing vintage glamour with pretty lace detailing, it also has multiwear straps so you can wear it under pretty much anything. What’s not to love?

  • MAGISCULPT Multiway Midi Bra Top
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  • MAGISCULPT Multiway Midi Bra Top

The Symington Bra

Once the 1920s hit, it was out with the corset as tiny waists and hour glass figures were no longer the fashion. Instead, women preferred to minimise their curves in pursuit of a less feminine look.

While we don’t get why anyone wouldn’t want to embrace their wonderful womanly curves nowadays, we can assure you that the 1920s women had their reasons. During World War One many women had to start working for the first time in their lives, and corsets just weren’t practical or comfortable for any sort of labour. The minimising Symington brassiere was much more suitable. It allowed ladies to get right in to the action without their bosoms getting in the way. Go girls!

To this day, a minimising style bra is the ideal choice for bustier girls. Luckily, these bras are way more glamourous these days, as the Magic Lift Minimizer Bra in baby pink goes to show.

  • Magic Lift Minimizer Bra
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  • Magic Lift Minimizer Bra

The Maidenform Bra

The Maidenform was the brainchild of dressmaker Ida Rosenthal, who felt that a rebellion was needed against the flat chested styles which had become so popular during the 1920s. Ida and her husband William started producing bras with bust cups that were attached with elastic. By 1929, boobs around the world were uplifted rather than flattened. This was the start of the Maidenform, which embraced women’s body shape (hurrah!) and formed the basis of the bra as we know it today.

The Maidenform has developed hugely over the years, but it’s basically your standard underwire bra. This Ashley Graham mesh & lace plunge bra, a modern adaptation of the Maidenform, has a sexy twist.

  • Ashley Graham Mesh & Lace Plunge Bra
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  • Ashley Graham Mesh & Lace Plunge Bra

That’s just a snapshot into the history of the bra. If none of these vintage styles catch your eye, we have bras in all shapes and sizes to suit any chest or era.

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