Marie Southard Ospina


Lives in: Manchester/Hebden Bridge

Inspirations: Paul Simon for his mind-boggling lyricism. David Foster Wallace for being one of the greatest creative nonfictions writers of all time. Haruki Murakami for telling a darn good story. Marilyn Monroe for being such a good actress people thought she was Lorelei Lee. And Melissa McCarthy for being a striking comedian, managing to stay true to herself whilst rocking her curves in Hollywood.

About me: I’m a freelance journalist based around Manchester. Originally I spent most of my life bouncing between Colombia and the states. I spend most of my time reading, writing, hopping on a plane and inevitably shopping. Since starting my blog Migg Mag as an outlet for body confidence writing, I’ve delved into the world of plus fashion, meeting a lot of inspirational people and growing to love my own body along the way – wobbly bits and all.

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