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Buying a bra can be tricky, which is why its really important to get the correct bra size for you and of course to make sure you look and feel gorgeous. Our bra fit guide will tell you how your bra should fit, how to measure yourself to find the right size. So get measuring and find the perfect style for you.

With our step-by-step guides and clever solutions to common problems, you can say goodbye to badly fitting bras forever!

How to put on your bra

Follow these four steps when trying on your bra to make sure it fits perfectly and comfortably.

1. Lean Forwards

This will allow your breasts to fall naturally into the bra cups and gives the best support.

2. Lift Wires

As you straighten up, lift the wires up into the crease of your bust before fastening the bra.

3. Lift In

This will give you a good idea of how comfortable the bra is and how well it fits.

4. Adjust Straps

Adjust your shoulder straps to ensure you get the right support.

Check your bra size

Are you wearing the right size?
Try on your best fitting bra, stand in front of a large mirror and follow these steps to find out...

Start with the Underband...
  1. Your underband should be nice and snug when fastened on the loosest hook. You shouldn't be able to pull it more than two inches away from your back.

  2. The underband should sit horizontally level across your body, in line with the wires at the front.

  3. The length of your straps should be adjusted enough to support the cup, but should also feel comfortable.

...Now move onto the cups!
  1. There should be no bulging or gaping at the top of the cups.

  2. The wire should completely enclose each breast, sit right in the crease underneath your breasts, and finish under your arms.

  3. The wire should sit flat against your rib cage, from the middle of your chest and along the crease of your bust, with absolutely no lifting away.

Common Fit Problems & Solutions

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Try a smaller back size

If your underband rides up (red line) it's too big. It should sit horizontally level across your back (green line). Test this by pulling it away from your body - it shouldn't stretch more than two inches.

Try a smaller back size

Your underband should provide most of the support, so if your straps are digging in it's a sign that the back size is too big.

Try a bigger cup size

If your cup size is too small, your bust will bulge over the top and sides. The top of the cup should lie totally flat on your bust. If in doubt, try on a t-shirt over your bra, as this will make any bulging more obvious.

Try a bigger cup size

The bra wire should sit behind your breast, not on it. If your bra fits correctly the wire will encase the bust completely and not dig in uncomfortably.

Try a bigger cup size

If the wires lift away from your body in the middle, or are sitting on top of your breast at all, then your cup size is too small.

Try a smaller cup size

Your bra should fit perfectly without any gaps. If there is space in the cups around your bust, then the cup is too big.


For every back size you go down, we recommend you go up a cup size and vice versa. For example, if you were wearing a 38C, but you want to try a 36, we'd suggest you go up a cup and try a 36D.

Down in the back... Up in the cup

Up in the back... Down in the cup

Shape Style Focus Videos

Firstly, find out how to measure yourself and check if your bra fits with Sarah's step-by-step fitting guide.
Then, take the lesson one step further with Sarah's shape-focussed style videos. Simply choose the woman whose size is the closest match to your own and see which styles Sarah recommends.







Style & inspiration

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How to care for your bra

Care for your bra properly and it will last and last.

Unless specified differently on the garment's wash care label...

  • Always try to hand wash your bras and never put them in the dryer - this will reduce elasticity and cause them to shrink.

  • Wash your bras in cool water with a delicates detergent. Don't wring them out, just let them drip dry, and don't put them on a radiator where the heat can damage them.

We suggest that you buy a new bra every six months - as the best support your bra gives you is within the first six months.

A Brief garment care label symbol guideline

Hand Wash

Machine Wash
(only if applicable) will indicate max temperature

Do not Tumble Dry

Do not Bleach

Do not Iron

Do not Dry Clean

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