On every clothing item you'll find details of the fabric and washing instructions. It's important to follow the washing recommendations to keep your clothes in 'tip-top' condition. The symbols you'll find on clothing are:

Hand wash only
Machine wash as cotton (maximum machine action)
Wash as synthetics (medium machine action)
Wash as wool (minimum machine action)
Dry clean in all solvents
Chlorine bleach may be used
May be tumble dried (where dots appear 1 dot ( • ) means low heat setting, 2 dots ( • • ) means high heat setting)
Dry clean in perchloroethylene solvent R113 white spirit and solvent R11
Warm iron (an iron with 1 dot ( • ) means cool, an iron with 3 dots ( • • • ) means hot)
A cross through any symbol means 'do not'


One of the symbols alongside will appear on all the pages in our catalogue which feature nightwear. The green symbol indicates that the garment conforms to British Standard 5722 for low flammability, while the red symbol is a reminder that the garment must not be exposed to naked flame or fire.