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Tue 4th Jul 2023

How to Measure Shoe Width Size at Home

If there is one item of clothing that you really, really, want to fit perfectly, it’s your shoes.

Nothing is worse than being on your feet all day in a pair of heels so tight they’re cutting into your feet, or having to walk around in boots that are two sizes too big!

Lucky for you, we are firm believers in fashion that fits, and so everything from our swimwear & lingerie to our women’s wide fit shoes are designed specifically with style and comfort in mind.

But before you can reap the benefits of our super-comfy ladies wide fit shoes, you need to know what size to buy. Fear not, we can help with that too.

While a typical shoe size chart may help you to pick shoes that fit your foot length, finding your true foot size has a little more to it than that - but with a bigger benefit. Read below to find out how to properly measure your shoe size and get a pair of wide fit ankle boots that fit like a glove.

1. Measure your foot length

Black high heel shoe

As with a normal shoe fitting, finding your foot length is an essential place to start.

An accurate way to do this is to place your foot on a sheet of paper, making sure the surface is flat and drawing round your foot. You can then measure this drawing with a ruler to make sure you get the best foot measurement possible.

You can also use a tape measure against your foot to measure the length, if you would rather.

2. Measure your foot width

Embellished black sandal

Just like with your foot length, measuring the width of your foot is important to finding the perfect fit. This can be done in the same way as above, but across the foot width wise.

3. Now measure your calf width

Embellished black sandal

But don’t stop there, if you’re going to get a pair of stylish wide calf boots, you’re going to need to know your calf width measurement.

Once you have all three of these measurements, you can use our shoe fitting guide to size up what size shoe is best for you.

What are the effects of wearing the wrong shoe size?

Aside from feeling great, finding your perfect shoe size can actually improve your health.

Platform trainer

Wearing ill-fitting shoes can cause an array of issues including:

• Bunions, ingrown toe nails and in extreme cases toe deformities if your shoes are too tight – which is something worth avoiding!
• Aside from falling over, wearing shoes too big for you can lead to blisters, arch pain and neuromas – which is the thickening of nerve tissue... and not something you want to get
• Wearing shoes that are too big can also lead to a condition called hammer toes, which happens when your toes are forced to grip the insole of your shoe

In short, you can save yourself a lot of hassle by wearing the perfect fitting shoes!