Bra-Humbug. It’s Time To Trade In Your Bra


When it comes to buying bras, it turns out us Brits are a complete set of Scrooges, too stingy or stubborn to splash out on new underwear as often as we should. Shameful behaviour! Although the average bra only lasts between six and nine months, 60% of us haven’t updated our underwear drawer in at least three years. What the Dickens is going on ladies!?

Just as it took a few home truths for Ebenezer to realise the error of his ways, we’ve got a few facts that might make you reconsider your bad bra-buying habits. Come on girls, it’s time to get in the chest-ive spirit!


  1. We’ve been wearing the same underwear for years

We’ve all got a favourite bra. That one that makes your boobs look pin-up perfect and is so comfy that you occasionally worry you’ve forgotten to put it on (cue panic-stricken middle-of-the-office boob grab). When the lace slightly rips and the hooks bend out of shape, who cares? This bra is still the best you’ve ever owned right?

But holding onto bras that are passed their prime isn’t good for your chest. When bras have been over worn, the elastic becomes looser and the shape of the bra moulds to that of your boobs. This means that it’s no longer offering the support you need. Unfortunately for ladies graced with a larger bosom, this can happen faster as bigger bras are working harder. You should look to change after nine months max.


  1. We’ve got nearly as many boobs as we do bras.

Yeah, that’s some pretty depressing maths. Whilst most of us ladies probably have wardrobes (or floordrobes – you know who you are) over-spilling with clothes, when it comes to our underwear drawers, it’s a much more sorry state of affairs. Even those with the proudest lingerie collections actually only circulate between the same three on average.

It might seem obvious, but the more bras you own (and actually wear), the longer they’ll last. If you have five good bras to rotate between then each one will stay in good condition for longer, as you won’t be wearing it as often. Simples.


  1. This is where things get really dark, so prepare to be grossed out

Do you keep track of your lingerie laundry? If you asked us the last time we washed a particular bra, the response would probably have to be a confused shrug or a completely random answer made up to save our blushes.

But lead dermatologists say that each time you wear a bra an accumulation of dirt, sweat and bacteria builds up. If bras aren’t washed regularly, this can lead to acne and infections. Yucking hell! We’ll stop there before you burn all your bras in fear, but just remember that we should be washing our bras once every 3-5 wears, and that a good old fashioned hand-wash is best.

With all this in mind, I think we can agree that it’s time to say ta-ra to your sad old bras and bring in the New Year with a fresh new set. Personally, we’re loving the very sexy Ashley Graham range at the minute.

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