8 Things That Happen at Every Wedding

By Sarah Lomas

Everyone loves a good wedding. A day of food, drink and dresses, what more could you want?  It's a wonderful…

Micro Trend: Crochet

By Cecilia Rius

By Meg Roberts This season, make crochet your go-to style statement, with a nod to seventies bohemia but completely reimagined…

Wardrobe Hero: The Bardot Top

By Cecilia Rius

By Meg Roberts The fashion cycle tells us a lot about style. Many a trend will stay exactly as that; a trend. A fad. Think of those short-lived but intensely popular trends that fall out of favour so hard that as soon as they're no longer cool, we can't think of anything worse than having to wear them again! However, some styles are unequivocally timeless. Think the pencil skirt. The breton stripe. But also, the Bardot. Just as…

Micro Trend: Paisley Print

By Cecilia Rius

By Meg Roberts Think Paisley. The over-sized fit of the printed shirt characterised by sixties psychedelia. As an ode to the vintage boyfriend shirt, this season the iconic print has been completely re-imagined with a range of reworked, ready to wear dresses, tunics and kimonos. As festival season is just around the…

Which Jeans Girl Are You?

Which Jeans Girl Are You?

By Sarah Lomas

~ Seven fabulous bloggers, seven different jeans styles ~ We asked these wonderful ladies to get up close and personal with our favourite jeans styles. From the staple skinny to the 70's flare, which jeans girl are you? See what they thought of each jeans style and watch them come to…

The Return Of the Flare: How To Rock 70’s Denim

By Victoria Attwood

Move over skinny jeans, because this season it's all about the 70's Flare. (more…)

Get The Spring Hair & Makeup Look

By Laura Ferry

Spring has sprung and the change in season has blossomed with fresh makeup and hair looks as well as some…

6 Tips For A Stress-Free Wedding

By Georgina Horne

As anyone who has planned a wedding probably knows; it can be extremely stressful. With my wedding less than four…

Awesome at the office

By Naomi Griffiths

I have to admit, as much as I try and be really on the ball with looking on point for work I fall well off the mark most days. I'm up at 6am everyday and out the door by 7.30am. By the time I've slapped my makeup on and attacked…

Style Crush: Hilary Banks (Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air)

By Victoria Attwood

Although the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air rose Will Smith to fame, it's Will's spoilt, fashion-obsessed and always stylishly coordinated cousin that has a soft spot in our memory. It is of course none other than the incredibly glamorous Hilary Banks. (more…)