The Plus Size Revolution At London Fashion Week

Simply Be is leading the revolution when it comes to diversity on and off the catwalk. On the first day of London Fashion Week, our army of influencers and models took to the streets of London in their slogan tees and jeans, armed with placards and mega phones to spread the word of body positivity and inclusivity.

An online poll commissioned by us found that 89 percent of women didn’t feel that their body size was represented on the catwalk, so we wanted to change that! Urging for more curves on the catwalk and visibility of more realistic body shapes at Fashion Week, Hayley Hasselhoff lead the protest. Speaking at last year’s event when our influencers took to Oxford Circus in London in their lingerie, Hayley Hasselhoff said,

“We want to give women everywhere the confidence to be who they are. This is only achieved by showing a wide variety of models irrespective of size. By tearing up the ‘one size’ fits fashion rule book we hope to encourage any woman, whatever her size, to feel fabulous in their skin.”

simply be lfw 2019

Hayley was joined by fellow plus size models Sonny Turner and Felicity Hayward and blogger Michelle Elman. With the demand for plus size clothing on the increase and the plus size pound set to grow by 7.1% by 2022, why isn’t this being translated to the fashion industry?

simply be lfw 2019

Plus size blogger Stephanie Yeboah says there’s still more to be done, stating; “I personally haven’t seen any change within the UK fashion industry when it comes to showing a more diverse range of models on the catwalk. Honestly? I think a lot more can be done. It just doesn’t seem like these protests have any effect on the fashion industry.”

Plus size model and all round body positive activist Felicity Hayward wrote an open letter about what it's like to be the only plus size person on the front row at fashion week, and the frustrations she faces.

simply be london fashion week 2019

Felicity said of Fashion Week, "I think it’s difficult because when you get invited you want to feel like you can be part of it. But, I’ve got a handful of friends that I always see on the front row and they will be dressed head-to-toe in that designer. But, when it comes to me, it’s like “what can we get to fit her?” and I might end up just wearing a pair of designer earrings."

 "It’s really, really frustrating, I want to show up to their show, they want me to promote their show but all I can wear is a pair of bloody earrings. And there’s nothing I can really do about it because the designers don’t make my size."

simply be lfw 2019
simply be lfw 2019

Whether in your bikinisexy lingerie or everyday clothes, we believe every body is beautiful and that every woman deserves to feel amazing in her own skin, whatever her shape and size!  Simply Be are passionate about breaking barriers in the fashion industry and won't stop until we are heard. Check out our post on plus size visibility at Fashion Week  to read more about it!

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